About Me

My name is Faith Kanja, a budding female Photographer from Nairobi, Kenya. I use photography as a platform to share my everyday encounters with the world. I intend to use my work to explore, to enlighten, as well as change perspectives about the African narrative. I believe visual art through photography is a powerful tool to achieve this. I’ve always felt the need to share the unseen and tell the untold. My mind unconsciously freezes moments and I use photography to capture all this. We live in a fast changing world hence the need to document every passing moment in its authentic form. My goal is to create a beautiful repository of these moments through photography, for it to be shared by generations to come as well as tell a beautiful story of our everyday life encounters. I’m intrigued by people, nature as well as landscapes. Consequently, these elements make up a great deal of my photography subjects. I also intend to capture these in an effort to address truths, social issues as well as celebrate culture and beauty.