Loud Dirt Beasts in the Wild

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October 2018 marked the final round of the season for the Dirtmasters’ Kenya Championships. Held in the inner plains overlooking the Ngong Hills in the far west, the event saw a great deal of rubber blowing up adrenaline in the dirt.

The two day event at the Champagne Park near Kipeto drew various dirt bike riders from Kenya and Tanzania. Camping, barbecues and the sound of loud two-stroke and four-stroke beasts molded the mood.


Here are some highlights from the action that took place:

Enduro rider Ben Pontier

Othman Raddadi and legendary Rally Driver Ian Duncan who also races in Enduro
Shivam Vinayak enjoys a break
Even non-participants had their toys too
Grace Mwari, the only female enduro rider
Gearing up to battle it out with the boys
Ben Spinks who reigned as the Championship’s winner
Eagerly waiting for the next hit to commence
Enduro rider Stephen Kihoro
The Cool kids corner perhaps?
The colors popped in equal measure to the sound of the exhausts
There will always be early arrivals at the start line
Ben Pontier on that mighty Husky
Othman and Spinks head to head on a mini-hill
Ian on that descent
James Kihoro, when he isn’t popping a wheelie
The Tanzanians graced the event with action
The Kawasaki was well represented too
Enduro rider Malcolm Steyn
Spinks leading the pack
Shivam is arguably one of the strongest Enduro riders in Kenya
Spectators enjoying the spectacle created by the bikes
Stephen Kihoro
Thankfully the rains were on hold until the end of the event
The Husaberg
James Kihoro races alongside his twin brother Stephen Kihoro
Neck to neck moment between Spinks and Shivam
Ben Pontier
Grace Mwari
One of the many Ooops! moments during the race
The victory pose maybe?


John Kihoro taking on the obstacles. He is the youngest Enduro racer


Ian loading the bike onto the truck
Othman after a good day burning rubber in dirt
Yuri Rattansi, one of the Founders of the Dirt masters Kenya was the race director


Time for the beasts to head home

The calm before the dirt storm
…and the beasts showed up in all models


Ben Pontier
Othman Raddadi

Look who got abandoned!
Laughs were in plenty too
We wonder what was cracking up Ian
When you absolutely smile for the camera

The wheelie masters did not come to play
Everyone set to capture the start


It was a happy Enduro indeed
John Kihoro is also the youngest brother to Stephen and James



Things were rough too

Victor on his YZ was a race marshal
Chwa , spectating
It’s a family affair too
It was a good race day!

See you all at the next Enduro Championship

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