Msambweni Chronicles- Catching up with the Boys

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I have been frequenting Msambweni Beach a lot and I must admit I have been fortunate to meet really cool chaps like  Salim Mwindo.

He’s a local from Msambweni among the Digo community. Salim considers himself a Tourist guide. He keeps tabs of tourists visiting the Msambweni area and organizes for them excursions such as local snorkeling, visit to the mangroves as well as boat riding and visits to Funzi Island.

He is well vast in German too. He is proud of what he does to support himself. He hopes to later go to Zanzibar and establish himself there. Tourism plays a big role in helping people like Salim put food on the table. During low season in Msambweni, he goes all the way to Diani or the Northern Coast

One day while strolling in the beach I bumped into Salim’s friends, Abdalla and Ramah. They are also from the neaby Munje village.

Abdalla just completed his primary school education. When I asked which high school he joined, he informed me that his parents were unable to raise enough funds to take him to secondary school.

Unfortunately this is the reality for most teenage boys from the village. Ramah’s situation carries the same story as that of his peer.

The two boys however hope to join a local polytechnic in order to equip themselves with skills that they can use to earn a living. They admire Salim’s independence and initiative.

In addition to Salim’s friends, I also met Salim’s younger brother, Beka.

Beka is around three years younger. He loves keeping fit and doing physical stunts.




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