Of Dirt, Adrenaline and Fun

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Dirt is good. Dirt is fascinating. Dirt is thrilling, but only to those who wouldn’t mind seeking adventure on their two-wheeled machines, ravaging through the uneven landscapes and gliding through scenic thickets. Such were the scenes during the Dirtmasters Enduro Championships held at Lukenya, Machakos County. The weekend saw the Lukenya grasslands not only spotted by mini shrubs but also motor action.

Below were the moments captured in frame:

Enduro rider Tutu Maina
Enduro rider Alexander Tolmachev


Enduro Rider Zane Young
For those not competing it was an awesome way to take in the splendor of the wild
Topo Pañeda
Gliding through the scenic grasslands
Enduro rider Shivam Vinayak.
Enduro rider Ben Pontier
Enduro rider Jonathan Baker
Enduro rider Ben Spinks
It was a rocky affair in some sections of the trail

The quads were not left behind

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