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The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson

A recent visit to the Samburu National Reserve left me elated and amazed by the picturesque  landscapes and the great deal of game that we came across. The Reserve is located approximately 345 KM away from Kenya’s Nairobi capital in Samburu County. The Ewaso Nyiro River cuts across the southern corridor of the reserve. Here are some of  the stunning visuals from Samburu National Reserve…



A beautiful sight to behold as an elephant browses with it’s young one



The reserve is characterised by a great deal of fallen trees courtesy of the Elephants. I was bewildered to see Elephants falling asleep while standing

A shy one perhaps?


The animals are the best models of the wild…


The reticulated giraffe,  also referred to as the Samburu giraffe is known for its unique patterns. Can you spot the little bird on the giraffe’s abdomen?




A Samburu Herds-boy. The local’s cattle graze in the reserve together with the wild animals

Ooops, Nature at work. The Grevvy Zebra is however quite stunning and unique…


Someone help me out…I’m always confusing antelopes and gazelles



Lester and Jess with Mt. Ololokwe in the background


Jess is thrilled by the stunning views inside the reserve


A Baby Baboon chilling like a boss


A companion in the wild



The elephants were definitely the highlight of being in the reserve


The rugged landscape is quite aesthetic to the eye


An elephant strolling during sundown in the Reserve

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